If we live by the Spirit, by the Spirit let us also walk. Gal 5:25 Asv

Keeping our zeal on is something, I think, we all strive for as Christians. We want that new car smell to stay as long as possible, that fervor and excitement for the Lord, the passion that never dies down, to stay with us always. As it passes we think, well what did we do different or wrong, how can I get it back!? Or we sometimes we think that thats the way it's supposed to be, we must be meant to be less excited as time passes or even thats ok, it means we are more mature christians. Let me tell you, that is completely false and not how God intends our relationship with Him to grow. We cannot expect a supernatural relationship to perform as a natural one. Our relationship with God is not only that of a friend, but also one of a Father AND as Lord of our lives, so it's meant to be multidimensional, get richer over time and bigger and better then any other relationship you ever have. Let me explain it like this, when a relationship does not advance to deeper things, it becomes stale, so when we keep looking at our relationship with God and asking Him for that same zeal we are asking to go backwards to the beginning when we barely knew Him. We are asking for an old experience to be made new again. But God has SO much more.

But those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not become weary, they will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 Csb

The first step in renewing our relationship with God is to trust Him. God knows that this can sometimes be hard, but the key is to focus on who He is and how He operates to bolster your faith. It is by listening to the Word of God over and over again Romans 10:17 that we renew our minds and faith comes. This is one of the best ways to refresh our desire for Jesus, it's in this intimate time with Him when we are simply listening, not bringing concerns or petitions but sitting at His feet, that deep roots begin to grow. From this place we can begin to trust Him fully, in ALL areas of our lives.

That brings me to the all areas of our lives part. When we first come to know Jesus we are like YAAASSS Jesus !! You are amazing come into my life and have your wayyyy! What we sometimes don't realize is that we are really specifying come into this part and that part of our lives and have your way. But God means to give us the BEST of what He has planned for us. ALL of the things. He can give us some if we only give Him some, but why only have some when we can have it all? It feels amazing when we first come to Christ, give Him our lives and He is downloading all of the love and acceptance we can receive. We are so filled up that we want to pour out everywhere. When that wanes it is typically because we aren't integrating Him into all parts of our lives. This is where you ask yourself am I walking by the Spirit? Do you turn to the Holy spirit to guide you throughout your day? I think one of the most awesome things about Jesus is that not only does He give us the faith but He also helps us walk it out. He sends Holy Spirit to help us, John 14:16, so all we have to do is TURN to Him. Look to Him throughout your day and He will guide, comfort you and help you in all areas of your life. In this way we will be walking by the Spirit hand in hand , stride by stride, with so much joy it will make your heart burst.

This says so much about God and how full, multifaceted and abundant He intends our walk with Him to be, and so we have to expand our thought on what it really means to be zealous for God. The measure of zeal we receive is according to how much we let God into our lives. If we truly embrace Him with wide arms and welcome Him into every part of our lives, which is made easy with the Holy Spirit's guidance, then we can experience a fire like no other. A relationship that has been specifically catered to us Psalm 139:13-14, our needs and desires, our love language. The zeal we experience at first isn't intended to leave us or dry up, God has designed it to keep building and deepen over time, and for that richness to grow and overflow all over our lives. Your connection with Him will evolve if you let it and exceed all of your expectations, because this is ultimately God's desire for us. To have and be in relationship with Him is His ultimate goal. What a wonderful God we have!